"Horses: Close Up and Very Personal is everything you ever wanted to see horses do - eating, drinking, running, working, jumping, racing, even having baths. Designed for preschoolers, this video has no narration. This is an unusual, but absolutely right choice, since kids this age watch more intently than they listen. And there's a lot to watch; your kids will find something new to fascinate them every time the view this program."
- Connecticut Family

"Without narration, this video draws young viewers into the world of horses, directing their attention to the form, function, and enjoyment of horses through excellent footage, thoughtful editing, natural sounds, and sparse music. Children will sharpen their observational skills and gain insight into the versatility of the horse." - Booklist

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Monday, July 12, 2010, stage fright

Stage Fright Productions | P.O. Box 373 | Geneva, Illinois 60134

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