Children's Videos


Close Up and Very Personal Video Series

Consider these video programs from Stage Fright Productions as stepping stones to knowledge. Each title presents an alternative approach to learning.

FarmACoverThe programs have no narration, but utilize thought provoking images that are clustered together in groups or patterns using natural sounds or music. The visuals provide a slice of life into the world of Horses, Farm Animals,
Big Rigs, Choo Choo Trains
, Fruit and Water. A viewing session is successful when your child asks questions,
responds to your questions or begins to make upRigsCoverstories about what's happening in each of the videos.
Continued viewing presents a calm, gentle, non-threatening way to learn at a comfortable pace. The animals become friends...the trucks and trains satisfy mechanical fascination... fruit becomes a subject
for smelling and tasting experimentation and water becomes a substance to honor and cherish. Encourgage your children to explore the world and grow at a pace that's just right for them. A wholesome look
at the wonders of the world awaits you.

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